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Bike Wash - Ready to Use - 1L

Bike Wash - Ready to Use - 1L


The bike cleaner that is safe for all bikes and components!


We all know how sensitive bikes and their parts can be which is why we think it is so important to choose the right cleaner.


Our Ready-to-use Bike Wash incorporates a specially chosen blend of fully biodegradable surfactants designed to rapidly clean every part of your bike. Bike Wash provides a powerful clean by removing ingrained dirt, mud, grime, sand and clay stains with minimum effort. Which leaves a streak-free finish whilst being safe on all of your bikes sensitive surfaces. Originally developed for motocross bikes, we know how to clean dirt! Bike Wash can be used on all bikes and bike parts, whether its heavily soiled or just needs a light clean.

We believe that bike cleaner should offer you peace of mind so we have made sure our formula contains no acids, alkaline salts or any other harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your bike you can have the best cleaning experience possible.

This product comes complete with trigger sprayer.

  • Why use it?

    • Motoverde Bike Wash is 100% salt-free, with no corrosive components in the product making it the safest cleaner on the market!
    • Completely safe to use on all surfaces including paints, plastics, anodised parts, sensitive metals (including aluminium) and carbon fibre.
    • Tough on dirt but gentle to your bike. Our Bike Wash will remove mud, dirt and grime with ease, whilst also removing sand and clay stains! Can also be used on your kit, boots and helmets.
    • High-foaming product that clings to your bike and does the work for you!
    • Contains UV protection to protect your paint colours from fading in sunlight.
    • Safe for use on all E-Bikes.
    • Product comes with trigger.
    • Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging*

    *Label is not recyclable.

  • Instructions for use

    • Rinse excess dirt off bike.
    • Product is ready to use. Simply attach trigger and spray away!
    • Rinse excess dirt off the bike then apply Motoverde Bike Wash. For best results leave to soak for 15 minutes, for a quicker clean leave on for 5 minutes and agitate with a soft brush.
    • Being non-aggressive you can leave it to soak for longer periods.
    • Rinse off with water.
    • For best results use Motoverde After Shine following.

    For best results, use with our other products;





  • Health and Safety

    • Ingredients: Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: <5% Amphoteric, Anionic & Non-Ionic surfactants. Benzisothiazoline.
    • Allergens: Contains 1, 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
    • Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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